Philosophy Sports – the new café philosophy.

Philosophy Sports are games of competitive persuasion that de-subjectivize the criterion of truth and recast the rules of logic as fair play. Tug of Logic is the first Philosophy Sport.

These are games of competitive persuasion governed by principles of fair play (the sporting equivalent of logic), as well as inclusiveness, respect, fun and healthy competition. MainClaims and supporting reasons are identified, clarified, discussed and voted on using internet-based audience-participation applications. Realtime voting provides feedback, excitement and measurement of effective persuasion. Philosophy Sports embodies internationally recognized norms of fairness.

Designed for the post-truth era, these philosophy games aim to revivify public reason and deepen civil discourse in the spirit of fun and fair competition. They represent a radical new way to play philosophy and enact democracy.

In principle, there are endlessly many philosophy sports. Specific games can now be played using a new free-to-use web-app, called Tug of Logic. The web-app can be deployed to play the game Tug of Logic in one of several Modes of play or game formats (for basic Instructions, see page II). Several games are defined by sets of procedures that allow for progressive construction and evaluation of arguments (for fuller details, see page III). Other games yet to be invented might serve other philosophical aims, such as interpretation, explanation, or speculation. Tug of Logic is the first Philosophy Sport.

I’m Michael

I’m a writer and philosopher, and now a game developer. This site introduces Tug of Logic, a game and web-app I have created to serve public reasoning.

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