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Brief Testimonials:

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“I learned that even if people agree with some of your premises it is still hard to convince them.” (4/4/24)

“Gathering different perspectives helped me strengthen my own argument and adjust my approach. I would rate Tug of Logic a 5 [out of 5]. It was a great learning experience that taught me how to argue better and how to understand my peers POV more.” (2/4/24)

“I believe I learned a lot how just one word can change someone’s mind.” (nd/4/24)

“Convincing my peers was an overall fun and satisfying experience.” (nd/4/24)

“I learned mostly that it is difficult to argue a statement. I had fun with the game.” (21/3/24)

“I thought it was satisfying seeing my arguments get 100% established but frustrating seeing the other argument gets contested and having to figure out how to reword it to satisfy everyone. I learned to be more careful with the wording of my premises and not to be so broad.” (21/3/24)

“All in all, we believe conducting this game was a great learning experience on how to form persuasive arguments. Many of the lessons we learned from voters feedback on our premises are going to be applicable in the future when needing to represent our point of view.” (2/4/24)

“I learned that it’s important to change your premise during the game to secure more votes. I really enjoyed the games we played during class and especially liked how interactive Tug of Logic is. … I would rate the game a 5” (11/4/24)

“I was unable to persuade anyone to become convinced. Even my partner was not persuaded. (Shame.) I enjoyed the experience. … I would rate the experience 5, being very good.” (27/3/24)

“Although it was frustrating not getting more people on my side, I think overall the experience was a fun learning method. I would definitely do it again!” (nd/4/24)

“I enjoyed playing Tug of Logic because it requires you to convince other people of your ideas, and seeing people change their minds on a whole situation because of one or two talking points is interesting and is like a small simulation of society and public opinion.” (nd/4/24)

“It swayed people one way then another (with specific words such as ‘can’). … I did enjoy my game as well as playing others. It is very interactive and gets a good conversation going.” (nd/4/24)

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