Tug of Logic MainClaims

Suggestions from past Players

They say logic is formal, and its laws govern any content. In like fashion, the game Tug of Logic is completely general, and can be played on any content, as long as it is a controversial truth-claim. And controversial means controversial amongst the would-be Players, which can best be tested with the Straw Poll that begins a game of Tug of Logic. If there is no initial disagreement, there is no game to be played.

But it may help to consider the following suggested MainClaims, which have been proposed as focus of a game. There are many below to chose from, but they are mere suggestions and can be adapted or ignored. In some cases, the topics can be sharpened and improved as MainClaims by adding more context [such as specific country names].

Our country [fill in the name] is a just society.
There are no illegal immigrants.
Human nature is inherently evil.
Men cannot be feminists.
Zoos should not be permitted.
Reality is subjective.
Police should wear body cameras.
Whistleblowers ought to be punished.
Voting should be mandatory in our country.
It’s OK if ChatGPT does my homework.
Canada should eliminate the cattle industry.
Canada should keep its oil and gas in the ground.
Parents have a right to choose the sex of your baby.
The voting age ought to be lowered to 16.
Whites should not be allowed to teach Aboriginal studies.
There should be more security cameras in public spaces.
Violence during hockey should be subject to criminal prosecution.
The poor have moral right to steal from large multinational corporations.
Public shaming is a justifiable as a means of changing people’s behaviour.
Opioid addiction should be treated as a medical condition, not a legal issue.
We should harvest for transplant the usable organs of the deceased, unless individuals opt out.

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